DUMBWORLD the Opera follows the journey of several interconnected individuals: their hopes, aspirations, magnetic oddness and fragile beauty. Poignant, comic and inspiring, DUMBWORLD is a kind of ‘Barry’s Amusement Peep Hole Theatre’ - a world that is surreal and at once familiar; fuelled by dreams and a quest for the moment when things make sense.

The opera which is scored for 12 singers, 12 piece ensemble and eclectic chorus will receive its world premiere as part of Belfast Festival at Queens in 2010

Postcards from DUMBWORLD

A selected series of extracts from DUMBWORLD the Opera. Performed by the Brian Irvine Ensemble and singers at the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laighoire, Ireland May 2008

“While others bang on about the besieging of time-honoured genre boundaries by contemporary music, the Brian Irvine Ensemble simply operates as if those boundaries had never even existed….a joy”
Andrew Johnstone, Irish Times June 2008

Double Take

Double Take is a series of short, site-specific opera moments, performed by a small cast of 6-8 performers. These operas arise out of particular normal environments, happen, then disappear again as if a momentary illusion. All Double Takes happen unannounced.

Double Take operas will be rolled out across a number of Hotel lobbies, Airport departure lounges, train terminals throughout Ireland 2009-2010. They will also be filmed and broadcast on You Tube.

Vices of Adulthood

A large scale multi-media performance based on a sculpture by Russian artist : Chemiakin. The piece examines the nature of adult vices

It is scored for ensemble, soloist and film. The music is integrated with 13 specially made films based on each of the Chemiakin characters: Indifferrence, Prostituition, Alcoholism, Irresponsible Science.etc

To be performed in Moscow and Ireland in 2010 with films being made in both Russia and Ireland.

Peter Lilly and the Nose and other tales.

A series of contemporary Urban Tales performed live with ensemble and animation.

The Mysterious Art Of Dancing

DVD of six short music and film pieces. Films directed by John Mcilduff with Music by Brian Irvine.

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